Basic Guide on How to Reach Delhi from Bangalore

Traveling through different cities in India can be fun, entertaining and even tiring if you have zero patience. There are loads of ways in which you can travel in India, but most people prefer aeroplanes, as they are fast and can be affordable.

Almost anyone can afford an air ticket in India, due to the huge presence of different airlines that compete for customers in every way possible, from affordable air tickets to discounted offers on food and flight ticket.

Therefore, you can easily fly in and out of different cities within a day, depending on your deal or business there

However, you can also take the train, bus or hire a cab but it might take a while before you reach your destination. Nonetheless, it is the best way to travel as you get to see more of India down the road and rail.

Besides, you get to know many places, from villages to towns. You can also get lucky to see some viable attraction sites and even take pictures or make some plans to see them later on in your life.

Therefore, if you want to travel from Bangalore to New Delhi, you can use any of these means as long as they are conveniently affordable and readily available.

Let us take a detailed look at some of these means of transportation that you can use to reach New Delhi from Bangalore.

1.     Book a Flight from Bangalore to New Delhi

You can easily get a plane to New Delhi from Bangalore at any time of the day, throughout the year. However, for an affordable plane ticket, you will have to find a way to manoeuvre the system to enable you to make a cheap flight.

You can use private mode while browsing for air ticket prices. This will prevent the airline from tracking your browsing history and hiking the price every time you go there. Moreover, an advance booking is also a viable option for an affordable air ticket.

Besides, you can also search and make use of their offers. In relation, trying out different airlines also has an advantage for a quick and easy flight, affordable too.

You should note that it takes, 2 hours 50 minutes to fly from Bangalore to New Delhi. As for airfare, they can fluctuate depending on many reasons.

So keep track of different airlines, if you are one to travel every now and then, as Bangalore to New Delhi flight booking can be overwhelming due to the high number of daily travellers.

2.     Take a Train to New Delhi from Bangalore

A train will take up to 32 hours 36 minutes to reach New Delhi from Bangalore. If you are new in Delhi, you can Google some terminuses to know where it would be convenient to get off, depending on where you are going.

However, if you are familiar with both cities, nothing can beat you down.  You can easily book your train ticket online, but be sure to double check on their timing and schedules. Besides, you can get any other information about trains that leave Bangalore to New Delhi, by making a specific online search.

3.     Book a Bus from Bangalore to New Delhi

You can also book a bus ticket online to travel to New Delhi from Bangalore. Moreover, you can search for different bus operators, their departure and arrival time as well as when the first and last one leaves. Likewise, you can check for its different drop off points, but if you decide not to travel, you can easily cancel your trip online.

Everything is easy and in the palm of your hands. You can also make advance booking for convenience sake, as they can get full anytime. Bangalore and New Delhi are very busy cities, in terms of employment and business opportunities as well as tourism and entertainment. Therefore, loads of people travel back and forth daily.

4.     Hire a Cab

There are loads of taxis that you can book/hire for this trip, though it will take you between 29-34 hours, to reach New Delhi if you are from Bangalore. This depends on the taxi company as well as their schedules.

Likewise, you can drive yourself there, there are different routes you can look up and use, Google map is your friend for a solo drive from Bangalore to New Delhi. For a fair price, do some comparative analysis of different taxi companies.


In conclusion, India is a very busy country and these two cities are among the most industrious and lively places to be. So take a trip to Delhi from Bangalore any day, with whatever means and you will get there in one piece.

You will never get lost, even if you are visiting New Delhi for the first time. However, if you are in a hurry, you can take a flight, whether you are going for a business or leisure trip.