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What you Should Consider Before Purchasing Flea Medication

With the increase of flea products in the market today, it is a difficult task to choose the right medication for your pet. Here are a few tips to help you select flea medication that suits your pet.

Flea products come in various forms including shampoos, oral medication, wipes, dips, and collars. These flea products contain ingredients effective to kill fleas and ticks and provide additional protection to keep off the fleas. It is, therefore, important to pick a flea medicine that will suit the needs of your pet.

You can also choose the type of medication based on the age, lifestyle and health status of your pet. For instance, If you are worrying if the application will stay for longer periods, then consider using a collar. Besides, if you are not aware of your pet’s lifestyle, it is important to talk to a veterinarian to help you make the right decision.

In order to check the quality and safety of the product, ensure that it has been approved by Food and Drug Administration. You will be at ease knowing that the flea medicine you have administered your dog is high-quality. Non-approved flea medicine is likely to trigger undesirable health reactions in your pet.
Check the label’s instructions to see what the medicine is intended for, whether it is for dogs, or cats or if it can be used n both. Some products are intended for cats awhile other are intended for dogs, so read the instructions carefully and use the medicine as directed. Make sure you use the medicine for its intended purpose otherwise you will cause damage to the pets. If you have questions concerning the medicine application and its intended use, be sure to ask your veterinarian.

Check for details of the weight range on the medicine so that you can purchase flea product that is appropriate for your pet. If the weight range is relatively low, it can result to product ineffectiveness whereas if the weight range is higher, it can cause damage to your pet. Make sure that you a weighing scale to weigh your pet or similarly, you can take it to a nearby hospital.
If you are applying a new medication on your pet, look for any signs of adverse reactions. Visit your vet if you observe any unusual behaviors or signs such as itching and redness of the skin, diarrhea, and vomiting.

Consider the duration that the medicine is guaranteed to work and choose one that will offer your pet protection for a minimum of one month.

The last consideration is the price of the flea medicine. What’s more, you can save a fortune if you purchase flea medicine online as compared to physical stores.

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