Best Nightclubs in Nashville Tennessee

Nashville is famous for its wonderful music scene, which comes alive at night in neon lights and live music across the city. If you are looking for best nightclubs in Nashville Tennessee, there are a big range of exotic dancer bars, clubs, restaurants, and music venues that you will treat you to an evening of fun. Here are some of our favorites!

Bongo Java

Nashville’s oldest and most famous coffeehouse is near Music Row and Belmont University, making it famous with musicians and students in need of a pick-me up. Stop by for a light snack and coffee, and as you stand in line to order be sure to notice Bongos popular Nun Bun, a cinnamon roll that seems uncannily like Mother Teresa. Pastries and Coffee will set you back a few bucks, each; bagel switches are all under $8.00.

The big bang dueling pianos

Enjoy a rockin, rowdy singalong …