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A General Overview of Wilderness Therapy Wilderness therapy is a development in psychotherapy that features emersion in an outdoor, natural setting to feelings of personal growth and well being. In the field of wilderness therapy you will find just as many different approaches to wilderness therapy as there are are therapists that are employing it as a technique. In wilderness therapy, no matter how it is implemented, meeting the challenges of an outdoor environment is used to represent the ability that the client has to make changes in their own lives. Through a wilderness therapy program, clients learn the skills necessary to meet the challenges of life. In the implementation of a wilderness therapy program, the setting and activities that the clients participate in will depend on the specific needs of the people who are participating. This can involve gardening and other horticultural activities, horseback riding, hiking or camping in the wilderness. In a traditional clinical setting, clients have discussions about their life struggles with therapists. In a wilderness therapy program, you get out of the stressful setting that contributed to your problems and into one that is peaceful and promotes feelings of mindful self-reflection. When you participate in wilderness therapy and are removed from the stress and pressures of your personal life, you can find the personal resources necessary to overcome your problems and build a successful life. Despite the similarities between wilderness therapy and behavioral interventions called ‘teen boot camps’, the fact is that the two are really quite different. While the boot camp setting is usually treated as a one-size-fits-all approach to self improvement, wilderness therapy is usually a much more individualized way of treating the needs of a particular client. Most outdoor therapy programs are meant to serve teens who are in trouble and young adults who are dealing with serious problems coping with life.
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Due to things like family issues, peer pressure, performance expectations in school and other teen and young adult problems, young people end up dealing with difficult symptoms like anxiety and depression, usually accompanied by a loss of self esteem. Often, the result is a drug or alcohol problem that greatly complicates life. This is why outdoor therapy is often recommended as part of a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program.
The Ultimate Guide to Therapies
If you are interested in learning more about the benefit of wilderness therapy, the best thing you can do is look up the wilderness therapy programs that are available in your local area. Wilderness therapies can take a variety of forms which means that it is important to find out which approaches are available in your state. To get started all you have to do is perform a search engine search for outdoor therapy or wilderness therapy programs in your area. If you are located in the state of Utah, you should look refine your search for wilderness programs in Utah.