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Weedtubers: Turning Habit into Profit

A lot of people are earning an income through posting videos on YouTube. There have been some very interesting topics covered on YouTube, which have made the owners of such videos a lot of money. There is now an emergence of individuals called Weedtubers. They are those who are paid to shoot videos of themselves smoking weed and posting them online. This has proven to be very lucrative for certain individuals.

Joel Hradecky’s fame has earned him the title of King of Weedtubers. The speed at which he has reached 1.2 million followers is impressive. He does a lot of antics in the process of smoking weed. he has managed to get over 1.3 million people to watch one of his videos, where he was smoking THC oil. His suffering as a result of his attempt was also posted online, where even more people tuned in to watch, over 2.5 million of them. Human being will always be curious as to how other people are doing when they are in terrible situations.
His appeal is not limited to his display of pain or the entertainment value of his videos. There are people who actually seek his advice on the different weed smoking paraphernalia, and varieties of weed to use.

Josh Young is another Weedtuber, whose channel is concerned more with being a resource for all information regarding marijuana usage. He is a more comprehensive resource on matters relating to weed. He frequently smokes weed live on his channel, and is regarded as a partner in the habit by many of his followers. He sometimes goes to the end and posts videos of him smoking the potent THC oil quickly, which always produces nasty reactions. He so far has 373,000 followers.

Coral Reefer is a lady Weedtuber, who has a live show on Sundays, where she interacts with her subscribers by responding to their queries on weed and its various aspects. She is very involved in the whole idea of weed and how it benefits people. She takes her time to go to cannabis events and posts those on her channel, giving her viewers, even more, information.

Jane Dro is a lady Weedtuber, who can be regarded as the library of weed. She has an indoor growing area, where she shows her viewers the growing process and offers tips on how best to ensure your crop grows well. She also gives information on the various weed types.

Those who do not know what to do when they get the munchies could benefit from Soundrone’s YouTube channel. He looks at products beyond the various species of weed. He will review some of the snacks that work well as munchies solutions. Smoking weed is never neglected as he makes his videos. The reviews have shown that he is also an entrepreneur.

What all these Weedtubers display is the ability to turn a hobby into a cash stream. You can feel inspired by these individuals. You may have an idea that will catch our attention and retain out interest.

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